Carolyn Ganzevoort

Counsellor & Clinical Supervisor

Carolyn Ganzevoort is a Registered Counsellor providing counselling for individuals, training sessions and a signature tailored program for clients with weight concerns.


Carolyn has a special interest in helping clients with:

  • life transitions such as relationship breakdown, co-parenting, health changes, menopause

  • emotional challenges i.e. anger, frustration, pain

  • weight concerns and/or body image concerns

  • grief, bereavement and loss

  • learning resilience and how to reprogram thoughts for different life outcomes

Carolyn can help you to:


  • develop self-compassion 

  • gain effective life skills and relationship skills

  • manage overwhelming feelings like grief, anger, sadness, hurt, frustration

  • learn effective coping strategies and tools

  • develop insight into thoughts and feelings

  • reach life goals 


Appointments are available in person in Whittlesea, or by Zoom, Skype or phone for your privacy and convenience. 


""Carolyn, you are fabulous! Thank you so very much for helping me to clear up all of the mess and procrastination in my life."

— Female client, SA

Girl Running in a Field

"It's like a light bulb went on! I feel like there's nothing I can't do. Words can't express how truly thankful I am, Carolyn."

— Female client, Victoria


“ Carolyn, you helped me to feel so encouraged, supported and empowered from the very beginning.”

— Male client, NSW

Counselling for individuals
Weight Concerns Program

How can Individual Counselling help?


Counselling is a safe space to talk about just about ANYTHING. You'll discover how to:

  • utilize your strengths

  • reprogram limiting beliefs or thoughts

  • become your own best support

  • challenge and change unhelpful habits

  • manage troubling emotions 

  • learn techniques & practical strategies

  • process past events, people or situations

  • effectively self-soothe in a healthy way


You'll find new satisfaction in your life, better self-compassion and stronger skills with relationships, health and self-image. Be the best YOU that you can be!

How can Carolyn's Weight Concerns Program help?


Signing up for the 'Clients with Weight Concerns Program' is the first step to discovering a world beyond yo-yo dieting, the latest quick fixes and/or restriction and deprivation.


This program is a compassionate, psychological approach to tackling your weight concerns. It involves counselling, coaching and life editing.


It is a non-dieting approach that involves simple (but deep) emotional investigation, information, education, tools and warm and nurturing support.


The program prepares you to live a more satisfying life, and become BEST FRIENDS with your body through:

  • learning lifetime techniques, tools and strategies

  • learning how to mindfully manage problematic emotions and the most challenging aspects of your life

  • developing radical self-compassion and loving kindness for yourself

  • understanding your body and become attuned to it's needs, maybe for the first time ever

The Weight Concerns Program is a six-week one-on-one program designed to assist women and men with individualised support, education and resources.



Clinical Supervision

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